Rule #1: Get that bikini line in check gurrl!

I cannot stress this enough to you girls. You have to keep your bikini line in check. The last thing a man wants to see is your bikini hair line in a mess. Its unattractive and down right old fashion.
Get it waxed girls, there’s no excuse. I have opted for a more permanent solution to my bikini line problem.

There is safe laser hair removal machines that will zap those unsightly hair away once and for all. I was doing it at a salon for a couple of month until I found a home hair removal solution. I used the machine on to the removal the hair around my bikini line. At first I was bedazzled by the huge range of home ipl hair removal machines, until i found where to get the top home laser hair removal machine that would get rid of my bikini line once and for all, safe and effect hair removal!
This is for anyone that wants a cheap and effect home hair removal machine. Permanent hair removal treatment can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. So if you are in the mood to save some money, get yourselves one of safe permanent hair removal machines.

Ill post up my results from laser/ipl machine soon to prove to you guys this works wonders.